The EJHR welcomes submissions that combine research and practice or relevant applications, as well as empirical studies detailing their usefulness to the topic of humour. All papers received undergo a double-blind, peer-review process. In addition to scholars within humor research, we invite those as yet unfamiliar with (or wary of) humor research to enter the discussion. The elaboration of joint methodological frameworks is strongly encouraged. For further details or inquiries you may contact the Editors.


CALL FOR PAPERS - The Contingent Dynamics of Political Humor


This CFP for a special issue of EJHR seeks original interdisciplinary scholarly work that allows for both the repressive and irrepressible dynamics of humor by locating the actual practices and instances of political humor succeeding, falling flat, or backfiring within their relevant historical, institutional and cultural contexts.  Though the campaign and election of President Trump in the US has provoked fresh reflections on political humor this CFP welcomes papers that also address modern and contemporary non-US and non-Western examples. It also welcomes the views of political humor practitioners either in the form of a reflective essay or interview.

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