CALL FOR PAPERS - Humour in Nonsense Literature

In humour studies the question of nonsense and absurdity looms large. The humorous verges on the creative and the bizarre in desperate search for meaning. From the time of Lewis Carroll and the antics of Alice in Wonderland the subject of creative nonsense or sense in nonsense has been quite prominent in literary studies, whether of verse or prose. The related notion of paradox featured strongly in humor research, the category of  nonsense jokes having been studied by psychologists and linguists alike, while translators struggled with apparent original non-texts.

We now invite contributions on theoretical reflections as well as specific analysis of the humor in nonsense literature:

  • ·         poetry, prose, and drama
  • ·         children and adult literature
  • ·         contemporary and historical texts
  • ·         nonsense in British, American and other English-speaking literatures
  • ·         originals and translations

Submission and Review Timeline

If interested in contributing please send your topic and abstract as soon as possible. Manuscripts are due by 20 August 2017.

Guest Editor contact details:

Dr Agata Hołobut

Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland

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