Available for You: The activist art of hospitality and friendship

Gil & Moti


The essay documents the action-installation Available for You, by the Israeli–Dutch artist duo Gil & Moti, in which they offer their free services to Arab residents of various European cities as a gesture of reconciliation and friendship at an interpersonal level. The encounters with strangers were documented in diary entries, photos and videos and sketches, presented in this essay. A playful and light-hearted humour provides a means of activism via personalised gestures as well as a means of bringing the quotidian realm into art.


reconciliation, activism, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, artistic and social engagement, sharing

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Gil & Moti (2012). Totally Devoted to You. Berlin: Hatje Cantz.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7592/EJHR2015.3.2.3.moti


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